The time my mom remarried with a demon lord (Chapter 1)

The time my mom remarried with a demon lord (Chapter 1)

It was a normal day for me as i eat the bento box i made at home while i sat at the rooftop of our school

I then walked towards the edge of the rooftop as i hold the fence that was made to avoid accidents to happen as i observed the people that was on PE class at the moment.

It goes without a saying that a single particular individual caught my attention.

“Kaori” I said beneath my breath.

Meazono, Kaori. The star of our class, the person who sits above all of us in our school.

A blonde beautiful girl with a silk like skin with a crimson like eyes, it doesnt just for looks though.

She was also the smartest person in our school with staggering 100% on all subjects and also deemed a demon…… By how fast and athlethic she was also, she was also deemed to make all the boys cry with just a glace–Well lets just say they tried to ask her out and they got dumped without a moment of hesitation. I feel bad for them, not gonna lie.

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Just created a padoru version of my waifu Fischl!!!

Yo guys! The padoru invasion is finally here!
grab your sacks and join me as we raid all the houses of those normies that doesn’t know anime!!!

Fischl Padoru Art made by MINEJHAZZ

Version that doesn’t have a chat bubble

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New Fischl Edit!

So. It was inevitable XD

I’m a massive Simp of fischl from Genshin Impact, SO I MADE AN EDIT!!!

I really love how the artist drew the original art, but it also kinda made it REAAAALLY hard to edit because of the white background.

“But if your gonna simp, You gotta simp HARD.”

Original Art is Made by:
フィッシュル | れいぞうこ #pixiv

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Trying Out CN Beta of “Genshin Impact”

It’s been days since I started playing genshin impact on the CN Beta and it’s been quite a blast!!

Here’s an epic screenshot of my main waifu on a really cool scene I found yesterday OxO

You can pre-register to the game by going to THIS link:

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